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Academy Award Winner (Dirty Dancing) Composes Christmas Song

Canadian and U.S. Singers Join Forces to Create a New Christmas Classic

Song brings a Universal Spirit of Love and Peace on Earth back to the Holidays


It was Easter time 1996 and Academy Award winning singer/songwriter Franke Previte (“(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” and “Hungry Eyes”) was asked by the manager of Christina Aguilera to compose a Christmas song… What Franke was unaware of at that time was that they actually wanted something uptempo.

As the song sits in a drawer, fast forward two decades later and music agent Kenjamin Franklin hears the demo of Merry Christmas Everybody” and believes that with a ‘Hallmark’ production approach Franke’s song could be a future classic. Ken reaches out to Canadian singer/songwriter Tiffany Desrosiers whose music he had previously licensed and asks if her classical crossover group Vivace would be interested in recording “Merry Christmas Everybody.” Tiffany suggests that to add to the warmth of the holiday spirit she contact her friend Mark Masri to sing the song with Vivace.

Grammy and Juno-nominated Masri has recorded Christmas albums and other songs with David Foster, Jim Brickman, Olivia Newton-John and Delta Goodrem and lends his guest vocals to the timeless recording.

Merry Christmas Everybody was produced by two-time Grammy nominated Daryl Bennett and arranged by Roy Tan. You can hear the holiday celebration of family, happiness and the anticipation of opening gifts by watching the video above.

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“Beautiful traditional Christmas song and very well written.”

~ Mitchell Leib, President of Music & Soundtracks for The Walt Disney Studios

“If Merry Christmas Everybody was in a hit film it would become a classic.”

~ Michael Lloyd, arranger/producer/songwriter – Dirty Dancing, Barry Manilow, Belinda Carlisle, plus over 100 Gold and Platinum albums

“A truly poignant song, with a catchy melody. Hope to hear it year after year on the radio.”

~ Valerie Smaldone, 5-time Billboard Magazine Personality of the Year Award Winner, known for her unprecedented success in holding the #1 on-air position in the New York City radio market

“I don’t know how Franke Previte does it but he’s created another song that feels like an anthem. In this case, it’s an anthem for the magic of Christmas. Plus, the tune is infectious. I heard it once and was  humming it for hours. The only way this song isn’t in a Christmas movie within the next few years is if they stop making movies.”

~ Mark Thompson, On-air host, KGO Radio / San Francisco

“I have to admit, I love Christmas. It reminds me of a special time in my life when I didn’t have a worry in the world. My parents were both still alive and together, before separation. Every Christmas morning without fail, the area beneath the tree was filled with so many presents; beyond my wildest imagination…much more than Santa could afford. “Merry Christmas Everybody” transported me there. It’s beautiful, man.”

~ Vic Vaughn, WGN Radio / Chicago News Anchor

“A terrific, well-produced song that instantly feels like an old friend. Should be a part of the catalogue of classic Christmas tunes that we hear every year.”

~ Rich Kimball Z62/WZON Radio

“Listened to it… Love it. I’ll be playing it. Congratulations and all the best with this…Nice job!!!! It reminds me of a classic Christmas hit.”

~ Joe Henry, Air Host New Jersey 101.5

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